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ImmunizeDC: The Immunization Coalition of Washington, DC

We are saving lives and improving health in the District of Columbia, mobilizing partners and community members to meet a critical need: making sure all families are up-to-date on recommended vaccines.

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Vaccine Schedules

The CDC’s recommended immunization schedules are the only schedules carefully tested for safety and effectiveness.

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COVID-19 Vaccines

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District of Columbia Immunization Information System – DC’s immunization registry

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News & Events

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Catch Up on Vaccines

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many families to miss important recommended vaccines. It’s time to make sure your family is back on track.

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Our Impact

ImmunizeDC brings together partners in a multidisciplinary group including healthcare providers, patients, payers, and community organizations. For more than 20 years we have supported our community and worked together for a healthy DC. 


Over 50 active member organizations and more than 100 individual partners.


More than 20 years working together to keep our city healthy.


Thousands of DC residents impacted by our educational initiatives.

Together for a healthy DC

Our vision is a new generation of healthy and informed DC families, fully protected from vaccine-preventable disease across the lifespan. Working together, we can make it a reality.

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Meetings & Events

Join our regular Coalition meetings and special events.

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Webinars & Trainings

Learn about vaccinations and share with colleagues from across the immunization field.

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Summit 2022

Our half-day virtual ImmunizeDC 2022 Summit is scheduled for Summer 2022.

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2001 L Street, NW

Suite 500

Washington, DC 20036

Email: Dena@ecbt.org

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